835 - 895 MHz - 6-ft. (1.8m) ComPak Grid (4-PC) - Single Polarized - 7/16 DIN - Universal Mount


mWAVE's P-8A72KGE-U Mark ComPak grid line of antennas are manufactured in four (4) linear pieces to assist in handling at the jobsite and reduced shipping charges in many cases. Like the single piece reflectors these are lightweight and feature a rugged construction that typically offers a 40% lower wind-loading, when compared to a like sized solid antenna without ice. The antennas survival rating is 125 mph (201 kmh) wind with 1 inch (25mm) of ice. All mWAVE - Mark Grid Series antennas meet or exceed the ANSI/TIA-222 standard. This model is equipped with a 7/16 DIN feed input, optional Type N or 7/8 EIA are available. Feed guy supports are included when necessary. The antenna features independent azimuth and elevation adjustment and is equipped with a Universal (U) mount that mates to 1.9 - 4.5 in. O.D. (48 - 114 mm) customer supplied vertical pipe mast. The Universal mounts are only available on the 4-ft. (1.2-m) to 6-ft. (1.8m) models. Optional Wind Brace kit model WBG-6-8 fits this antenna diameter model.

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Antenna Type Parabolic Grid
Frequency Range .9 - 1.0 GHz
Gain 21.6 - 22.0 - 22.4 dBi
Polarization Single Pol
VSWR 1.3:1
Mass 112-lbs. / 51-kgs.
Diameter 6-ft. (1.8)
Connector 7/16 DIN
Beamwidth 12.3

    Product Applications

  • Point-to-point Communications
  • Repeaters, extenders and boosters