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Custom designs

mWave can become Your Partner in Antenna Technology by developing antennas and components to meet both your technical specifications and your program requirements. mWAVE Industries, LLC will design and manufacture antennas to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers have experience from 100 MHz to over 110 GHz, and with apertures ranging in size from a single patch to over 15 feet/ 4.6 meters. Let us partner with you to develop a set of specifications that meet your system requirements.

Our custom capabilities:

Small and large aperture antennas
Antenna components
Low & medium volume antenna manufacturing
Antenna design services
Antenna analysis services
Third party product improvement services

We can then deliver prototypes for your trials and continue support through the delivery of production units. With a multitude of operating parameters and physical constraints, antenna selection plays a critical role in a successful wireless solution. In most cases the antennas employed are as unique and diverse as the applications that they support. Generally these types of antennas do not exist as commercial off-the-shelf products and must be developed. The mWAVE experience in many core antenna technologies can be leveraged as a foundation for many practical new designs

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Antenna Testing Facility

mWAVE owns and operates a complete indoor and outdoor antenna test facility to support RF characterization of our standard and custom antenna products.

mWAVE's facility regularly supports independent test programs for commercial, governmental and military clients.. mWAVE can furnish comprehensive commercial RF test reports with radiation patterns and multi-port swept S parameter test data.

Antenna Testing Unit